USB 3.0 to DVI Graphics Adapter

MONITORThe USB 3.0 to DVI Graphics is a device which enables connection to a DVI display device to a computer using USB 3.0 port.

Once the driver has been installed, the USB-attached monitor will be enabled immediately without any rebooting process of the OS after plugging the USB adapter.

This Graphics adapter use little to no resources in your computer so it won't affect your computer system performance ensuring at the same time a great quality display.



Increased productivity

The biggest advantage for designers, gamers or anyone is an increase of productivity having multiple screens.

A study done by the Jon Peddie Research, productivity increases an average of 42% when using multiple displays.

Multiple programs simultaneously

Most users have some type of workflow that involves multiple programs at any given time. Having multiple screens makes a much less painful experience and more productive.

Sharing data

Sharing data between applications is very common, for example dragging an image from a file folder to the Photoshop app. All these things can be streamlined with the help of multiple screens.

Mirror mode

Also known as Clone Mode is great for sharing a presentation, making it ideal for notebook users

extended mode

Creating a single large desktop space provides a flexible configuration and more desktop space

dual adapters

You can connect up to 6 display devices to a computer without installing extra video cards. 


Give your Ultrabook more displays

Ultrabooks and notebooks are increasingly becoming more powerful and smaller in the physical form factor. With a single USB 3.0 port available you can now drive a DVI display.



PDF Download:

CSV-2300D User's Manual
CSV-2300D Product sheet

High Resolution Image:

USB 3.0 to DVI Adapter high resolution image
USB 3.0 to DVI Adapter high resolution image + Buttons



Product Name: Club 3D USB 3.0 to DVI Graphics Adapter
Product Series: SenseVision
Item Code: CSV-2300D
EAN Code: 8717249401032
UPC code: 854365005862


USB 3.0 to DVI-I


340mA aprox

Output Configuration


In the package

Club 3D USB 3.0 to DVI adapter
CD driver
USB Cable

System Requirements



Add-on monitor, LCD or projector through a single USB 3.0 port hot-plug; add or remove monitor without system reboot

  • Small in size, works with all DVI-I displays.
  • Supports High Resolution up to 2048x1152
  • Video streaming is supported up to 1080p
  • Extend and Mirror mode support.
  • Resumes from hibernation and suspend modes
  • Supports up to 6 USB display adapters to work simultaneously

Supported operating system


  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • MaxOSX
  • Android 5.X
  • Ubuntu Linux


Note that interlaced modes and reduced blanking modes are not supported.

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