HDMI 4K@60Hz UHD Splitter 4 Ports

HDMI [email protected] UHD Splitter 4 Ports

The Club 3D CSV-1380 HDMI™ [email protected] UHD Splitter 4 Ports is a high- performance and small-sized HDMI™ [email protected] UHD Splitter with one input and four outputs. It has a mat black metal casing, which make it very strong and sturdy. An ideal assistant both at home and in the workplace. This HDMI™ [email protected] UHD Splitter routes high definition video, in resolutions up to [email protected], and digital audio from the source input to any of the four connected 4K UHD televisions, monitors or projectors. The CSV-1380 HDMI™ [email protected] UHD Splitter comes with an AC Power Adapter for 5V/ 2A and its maximum power consumption is 3.2 Watt

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